Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm borrowing thoughts from you it's not Plagiarism

It has not been a long time since Fareed Zakaria of Times was suspended for plagiarism; but later he was reinstated. This has become a hot topic after this issue surfaced and was broadcasting all over the world media especially Indian media.

For Indian media who prefer to use cut, copy paste, it was a shock for that they are inspired by him. One more thing, Indian media do not term it as plagiarism.

Later CNN-IBN media personnel was later allegedly indulged in plagiarism as they copied and used original content of a Kerala based writer without mentioning his credit.

This issue was surfaced and then it appeared before common people. Later that media personnel was criticized.

It's not only in media but in all other creative fields that people stole other thoughts.

Even the movies or TV soap operas are using others' thought without giving him proper credit or fully copy the movies or TV soaps produced in different languages.

The people involved in these activities try to hide the factual informations and label other person's work as their own.

[If you use some other person's creative work then you must give him proper credit.]

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