Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Didn't Get What We Ask For

Since the independence Indian girls didn't get what they wanted. Before independence, child marriage in India was a worse trend. Girls were married at as early age as 12 years. The worst states were Rajasthan and Bihar.

And then after few years, when Indians hardly fought Independence battle, and got freedom. The girls thought that their suffering is soon going to end, but it was totally overturned.

They thought, they will be treated equally and not have to face the pain of early marriage; but the reality was totally different.

After Independence, government revamped the child marriage act to tackle this menace. But the truth was not as expected. The child marriage act deterred many people to marry their daughters at early age, but the truth is it didn't even ended today. Child marriage is still witnessed in many parts of Rajasthan, Haryana and some parts in Bihar and neighboring states.

Maybe now child marriage is restricted to smaller areas, but it never ended. Even, some more ridiculous incidents were witnessed as local leaders are attending the mass child marriages.

In Bihar's Nawada district lies a temple at Shobh. It is notorious for mass child marriages. I was eight years old, when I witnessed children of 8-9 years getting married. Their parents and family members joyously join those celebrations and then enjoy the feast.

Even in most recent times many media reports alarmed about this trend especially in Haryana and Rajasthan.


And then came another shocker before girls - same gotra marriages. This trend was mostly seen in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, especially among jats (a caste in Haryana and neghboring areas of Uttar Pradesh). It is said and highlighted by them that same gotra marriage are morally wrong, because those who belong to the same gotra are brother and sister so they can't marry; as it is prohibited by the Hindu mythologies like Purans. But it's not actually so. Because the term gotra which was used in ancient religious literature means those people who studied at the same gurukul - ancient schools. OK let's consider it correct, unless it is not scientifically correct ; then how come those who born in same villages are said to be belonging to same gotra. So if someone then prohibit a boy and a girl to marry despite of being adults citing gotra issue, then it's both legally and mythologically/religiously wrong.


And after this problem reduced, surfaced the draconian dictats on not wearing jeans or not using cellphones. A khap panchayat in Rajasthan for the first time issued a dictat to girls to not to wear jeans citing that it the reason behind increased rate of harrassment and rapes of girls (sic) ?! And then many more khap panchayats of Haruana and Uttar Pradesh followed. It's ridiculous that they tried to dictate girls for what to wear, and the worse even political leaders stood in alignment of them. Instead of supporting girls community, they started telling us what is right and what is wrong. Even the people who said to be our supporters tend to deviate and landed on their sides. And it's not the end but a beginning. They later harrassed many girls for wearing those so called not Indian clothes. They beat girls and then publicly ashame us. Are they the moral guards ??? Or who the heck they think they are ?????


And now the recent incident which took place at Guwahati, Assam. That girl was beaten, molested and stripped by a group of men, because she was coming from a night club. Take it clearly, even if she was coming from a night club, then who the hell they are put their nose in that issue ?? Her parents could tell her thet whether she could go to a night-club or not, not some street moral police. They do not have any right to tell someone else, who is not their family, about what to do someone.


And it is not the end. Police and other responsible authorities are lame onlookers. They are not doing anything to counter these steps.... It's a shame for a country whose more about 49 million population is women.

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