Saturday, August 4, 2012

Undesructible Spirit.

I don’t lose the track until I find my goal, whether it’s a big or a very small one.
The only thing matter to me is getting to the place I want to, for whatever it takes me to. I had overcome all my fears and now nothing can stop me from getting to it. No matter what comes in my way, I won’t shed a tear as I promised to myself.

I never lost the courage to rise back after every attack of time. I bend the norms which were hurdle important my pursuit and took my soul to that very path which was left/forgotten by others.
I had never ceased my will and courage to trace the glimpses of happiness. Nor do I left my soul in the dusty corners to get what I want. I was not the best nor do I was the one got the silver spoon, yet I worked to bring smile on the faces of people around me. Maybe I was left on the roads of pain, but I am making it my flower-bed. Everytime people trashed me I stood up and fought back with more courage and a more enlightened spirit.

I was thrashed by my life many times but I raised my spirit and stood up. I forgot the nights of tears and the days of cries and stopped looking to others for help.

(I still remember the days when my friends turned their backs to me or tried making fun of my cries.) But those days are long gone. I learned being happy in the shortest good moment.

I have no grief from my life whatsoever, nor do I blame anyone for this; what I only seeking is a little support from my surrounding.

My prayers went unheard, but I didn’t stopped praying because I thought one day will come when even God will have to answer me.

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