Friday, August 3, 2012

There Pain Is Our Gain

For us Indians simple things are not as simple as we think. We use to make the simple looking things so complecated that the complecacy of things looks simple. It is inherited in our genes to make not only our but others’ lifes so complicated that they spend their whole life sorting out the things.
But our real problem is the fact that we can’t see others happy. It’s a common problem with us that we love to see tears in others eyes. Like we forget our happiness and get frustrated when we notice smile on our neighbors’ face, but whenever they suffer we just get delighted. We always keep an eye and an ear on our neighbors just to find any spicy news ( problems of course ) and whenever we find it our heart just starts afloating.

Many times we hear somebody saying, “you know our neighbor Sharmas bought a new car, they must had a deal with satan for it.” or “Hey did you know those Vermas’ daughter eloped with some boy ?
“I was always knowing this, they just over liberated their daughter.” And then people go to their neighbors to consolidate( actually enjoy their suffering and get whole news just to spread them with added spices).
And then those Vermas and Sharmas keep looking for their moment and then they enjoy it.

And this game continues and the ball keep rolling….

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