Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Shimmering Darkness

The dark night was over when I opened my eyes, but it actually wasn’t. When I put my first feet outside my house, I found it’s not the world I was deaming of last night. My dream world was so serene and full of happiness but this world outside is ailing from all the biased. All the people are always show biased attitude and spread bias to others. They never want others to be happy so that they could taunt them, but when their plan don’t work they start perpretrating. They go the deepest to the depths of immorality, that don’t even forget the limits and trespass them.

It’s not the end, they even cease being happy in their big moment of happiness and start being happy in smallest sad moments of others.

As they get older and older, they become meaner and meaner. And it never stops. They go crazy to hurt others and sometimes hurt their own people. They shoot arrows to other but it rebound onto their loved ones.

Despite of this mean attitude, their are some people who chose the other path. They spread the love to end this hatred and never stop to do so.

This gives me the hope that the things will change one day….. As it is said you are the creator of your surroundings and so do I believe. Life was and is not as we expected but it would be like we wanted, if we could make it so. I’m not as optimistic as people in the past were nor as pessimistic as people at present are. I might not change everything accordingly, but I have the courage and guts to change whatever I could.

I don’t know when but my hopes are all alive. I can see that light down the dark road which is getting brighter and brighter.

There is a ‘shimmering line beyond this darkness’ which keeps me going…..

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