Sunday, August 5, 2012

Purani Jeans Aur Guitar........

On the day of this friendship day, I was missing my friends and those old days. The days when we were in college, and had ample time for each other. Those days of nostalgia, when we sipped tea with the 'biscoot' (biscuit/cookies) and talking mindless things so freely. Those days when we made excuses to our home and go to the movie theater with our friends.....
The days when we lay flat and just keep staring to the sun going down the horizon and the birds flying to their homes.

Those days were really special, because now even when we be together, we couldn't bring that very same moment back. Either we just lost the track or because we lost that joy of our teenage among our day-to-day problems.

I can just remember my friends and that song plays in the background somewhere in my mind - "Purani jeans aur guitar, mohalle ki woh chhat aur mere yaar.........."

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