Sunday, August 5, 2012

Leaders will always be LEADERS

That Soda ad which comes on television, in which the husband forgets his wedding anniversary and go to the jewellery shop to buy a diamond ring for her wife on the next day striked my mind. That man buys a 'five carat, princess cut' diamond ring to pacify his erring wife.
No matter how but reminded me our leaders. They don't show up in their respective constituencies thru out their long 5 year reign, but when they sniff the election dates they start the development work. But the fact is, even this development is not the lasting one..... Because just after the elections it becomes dust.

I don't know what happens to that man, but I know those leaders get re-elected. And the same show continues......

So in the same words of that ad :- Men will be men and leaders will be leaders.

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