Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Aisho Maa Aisho"

I still remember those days of Durga Puja, when we used to leave the house early at night, only to witness the joy and the spirit of people. But these are long gone and now the Durga Puja seems a different world. With the fear of terrorism and all, people losing that joyous courage which brings them to those over-crowded streets.

Their were the days when we planned in advance about what to do, where to go, who are coming along and many such small things. But now we are even short on that spirit of joy. I remember the time we used to go to that old Bengali temple, and enjoy the traditional Bengal style ‘Durgo Pujo’. But even that ‘Bengali Pujo’ is not so amazing. People now come and join the groups in the name of tradition but either they seem distracted or afraid of the terror threat. Long been the days when the roads were full of rush on those days till 2 PM at night. Now you will only witness scattered crowd till midnight.
I was not surprized, but a little turned off. My city being nearer to Bengal, still the Durga Puja was charmless. Even this modernization could be blamed for it, that people now see it as a waste of time.

“Aisho maa Aisho.” I remember the traditional chant coming to my ears.

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