Friday, August 3, 2012

Lokpal lokpal where have you been ??

So finally it’s over. When Anna Hazare came forward to fight against corruption last year with a desire of a strong Lokpal, the nation followed him and strongly supported him. But that show didn’t completed. They called off their strike last year with Anna’s health concern. And then after a long dry run the Lokpal bill was passed by the lower house of the Parliament but the bill was given red signal in the upper house. And then the bill landed at the Parliament’s Standing Committee. And the show choked….

And finally after waiting for 1 year, Anna again went on the same spur when he started indefinite hunger strike. But the show suddenly stopped abruptly with both Anna Hazare and his team called off the strike after many renowned people like Gen. V K Singh urged them citing health concern with the hint of fighting the next General Elections. And now it’s confirmed that Anna Hazare and/or his team will form a political party. But the million dollar question is whether they will keep their collar clean or not ?
If they could achieve that impossible, they will surely to be a political option before the people of India. But if this doesn’t happen as the fear looms then what is the option ?? Only coming times will answer this question.

PS - Anna Hazare officially told that he will form a political party and promote his candidates all the way to 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

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