Saturday, August 4, 2012

Khap Panchayats' decisions are PUBLIC DECISION ???!!!

There is a buzz all over to take strict measures to clip the wings of ‘Khap Panchayats’, which are trending these days.
And the momentum started to built to rein these caste panchayats. ‘Amicus jury’ proposed strict measures against them.

It is known that these khap panchayats are more popular in North India than in south.
Actually, these khap panchayats are traditional panchayats, but they are not official (yes, on papers otherwise the statement of leaders and policemen do not comprehend with it).
These are formed by one group or by all groups of the clan and may consist of 5 villages to 20-25 villages.
The ‘veto’ power in these khap panchayats remains in the hand of most influential caste group. Minority caste groups may participate in these meetings, but their words remain unheard.

All the villagers are invited to these meetings, whether they come or not. And the decisions taken after are classified as ‘public decision’ and implies to everybody.
The first caste panchayats were of ‘jats’ but later other castes formed their own.
One very interesting thing about these panchayats is that these are either led by elders (old aged men with old mentality) or by the members of the most influential caste.

Women do not participate in these meetings nor they have any representative to them. Those are male dominated and all the decisions are taken by them. Likewise, members of low castes are either not the part of it or they are not free to voice their issues.

And above all, youths do not have any right to speak here.
Now tell, do these khap panchyats’ decision really are public decision ???

[ Note :- These khap panchayats decision are outdated and forced, they are also insensitive and inhuman. Therefore, all these khap panchayats must be nullified and abolished as soon as possible.]

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