Friday, August 3, 2012

Impact of Self Help Groups

When the self groups came into existence since 20 years, no one have ever thought that they will revolutionize the society. But now we know the truth is completely different. When the women self help groups came into existence in Gujarat, it started changing the life of the women and ended their dependence on the lenders for their little requirements to buy seed or fertilizers. This inspired the people of other villages to form such groups which in the meantime expanded beyond the boundaries of Gujarat to other states. It’s real impact was witnessed when this revolution reached the poor and naxal affected parts of Chhattisgarh which was a part of Madhya Pradesh back then. Chhattisgarh’s women did the thing which no one had ever expected ; they not only renovated the damaged schools but also constructed new school buildings by the investment of their self help groups. These groups deposited the money from its members and lend them as well as the outsiders at nominal interest rates. This encourages the outsiders to either join or promote it.

Then this revolution was passed to the tribal areas of Jharkhand. Mostly all the tribal areas here were naxal-affected, and so these are miles away from the minimum of progress. Even here the self-help groups were formed by the tribal women and the male counterparts later joined them after they witnessed the positive effect.

These self-help groups not only provide financial help to its members, but also provided them the vocational training so that they could earn more. Some big groups started depositing the collected money in banks which enabled them to borrow a larger sum and do a more large scale task. Some self help groups started cottage industries which are more organized, some of those women started sewing training schools and thus they not only earning their living but also pushing others to the very same path of success.

For statitistics :-
Jharkhand has 9310 self-help groups in its 11 districts; and 40 of them are active in Ranchi district.

These groups srart joining at block level and provide loans to its members. In addition to it many women starting their own work by investing their savings.

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