Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey You Can't Wear That Clothes

It's not been a very long time since the Khap Panchayat at Rajasthan issued a dictat telling girls not to wear jeans. Now a self-proclaimed defenders of culture in Ranchi, Jharkhand ordered girl not to wear jeans or face Acid attack.

Then many so called savers of culture enter into personal attacks.Is it fair to dictate anyones' sense and taste of dressing.

And above all do all the censorship on dressing applies to only girls and not boys. After 65 years of Independnce do we got liberty to live as we want ?? The answer will be no !!!

Now the other aspect of this censorship is, its supporters say that it will protect them from the sexual harassment ; but the fact is different. They want to hide their weakness, actually they start drooling whenever they see some girl in fitting jeans or mini skirt.

And then they start blaming girls' clothes, for their assaults. A**holes. And the police and administration remain silent onlookers whenever a girl is attacked or assaulted. Whether it's in Guwahati, Mumbai or Delhi, girls are not safe.
                     But our police is just useless.....

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