Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy in Peanut like medals.....

Since a long time people are complaining about the shrinking distances between the news and entertainment. These issues arised due to confusion. News is not the synonym of politics. This is just some new information, we are eager to know which - truth is people are always eager to know about things which make them happy. This could be anything from fashion to fuction instead of political battles. But political stories always bridge this gap because they are entertaining by itself. You just only need to stop and think. Sometimes there is a thin line between the Breaking News and a Joke.
For example, in these days news like Congress is planning to bring their biggest critic, Jagan Mohan, YSR's son back with a promise for the CM post. Jagan just removed the base of Congress, but for now he is writing in jail. CBI tried to convict him in all types of Financial crimes. If this story ever proved to be true, then what will congress do. What will congress say to its voters ?? People, we sent this lad jail, because we know his father earned a fortune. How did we know this ? Because he earned it when he was with us, now Jagan came back to congress so we assure you all those allegations were baseless. And then what will congress say to that judge who denied bail to Jagan Reddy. Sorry hon'ble judge. All the raids at Jagan's offices were like puzzle. As it is required to use strictness to get the kids off a difficult situation. Likewise those lawyers'll say, "As hon'ble judge know when lawyers are provided with more than they need then what could they become? They made this issue big by taking short notices from us. Haha !!
Oh...! Joke. This isn't something that some politicians will pass it to journalists. Firstly, one thing is clear that this type of exchange is logical politically. Will the voter who heard hard talks from both sides, accept it? Jagan's mother saying in this matter is, after his father's demise he wanted to be the CM but his words were not heard.
They could have accepted his proposal, but they made an unknown novice the CM. But Congress high command ended its option by using strict measures to supress Jagan politically and personally. So for congress has past in Andhra Pradesh, but for Jagan is a bright future.
Irony is where Indian Politics is moving towards entertainment, Indian Sports are pressurized. No one is ashamed after winning a bronze or silver medal in olympics. Everyone knows sports poor situation in India. India's intellectual force pay attention to getting further by financial ways not by sports. Only sports cricket where we compete with unstable capabilities, will be burst as bubble if money is extracted from it. Like other Indians, I also crave for seeing Indian athletes winning more medals, but I don't get sad when we lose in badminton or archery. But we get happy when, by chance we get a peanut like medal. A Japanese gymnast was not happy after winning bronze medal, she was crying. But if we Indian win a bronze medal, corporation prints a front-page ad in the newspaper in honor of that player. No one thanks Indians, like Indians thank themselves. This is illness. Somebody sees olympics and I watch politics and then turns to olympics.

- Edited part of MJ Akbar's column from Prabhat Khabar.
Original at this link:-

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