Friday, August 10, 2012

Goverment mocking poors by the step of providing them cellphones

Government of India proposed to give people living below poverty line mobile phones. This very idea is likely to come into effect on 15th August when Prime Minister will announce this from the Red Fort. This is a huge announcement is path-breaking in the eyes of ruling party.

But the opposition termed it as a joke with the poor. It is really wierd, in a country where people don't get 3 time nutritious food, what will be the benefit of giving them mobile phones with free talk value ?

And above all, how will they charge their phones battery without electricity. A cellphone needs atleast 4 hours of power supply to get the battery fully charged; then how these cellphones will be charged in meagre power supply ?

Actually the reason behind this much hyped idea is just to distract people from real issues of poverty, unemployment, corruption etc. to less important matters. Will those poors get their hunger satisfied by talking on their cellphones or will they get proper medical facility by their phones ?? No they won't. Then why the heck the government is doing so ????
The answer could be, they are eyeing the 2014 GENERAL ELECTIONS.

Yes, the present situation is suggesting and supporting this idea. The government is wanting to restore common man's faith in the party; so that they could get a fairly good chance in the upcoming general elections. But for now more important issues are onboard to be dealt with and not some weird offer.

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