Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girls Don't Wanna Be Worshipped but Equality

Our life is always trapped in duality. On one hand what we liked and wanted since a long time, we refuse to do on the other hand. Like in India people worship women as the goddess of power ‘Durga’ ; goddess of prosperity ‘Laxmi’ and as the goddess of knowledge ‘Saraswati’.

But on the other side many girls are killed by their parents or by grandparents. And in many cases some families killed their daughters long after they born. And if they didn’t do any of them they don’t provide them good food or education and treat them as secondary citizens. I personally witnessed this biased behavior in many families. For a simple a example, I came across a family where the parents send their son to a good CBSE school while to their daughters, they went to govt. school and has to study without proper books.

And this is not the end. Even they treated differently, when it comes to their food. As the sons get good food with milk and fruit but the girls don’t get that.

It’s just the example how things are going.

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