Saturday, August 4, 2012

Edge of Electronic Media over Print and Social Media : Game Of Breaking News.

Electronic Media Vs. Print Media

Everybody is, these days, talking about the superiority of electronic media over print media. Many of the senior journalists use to blame electronic media for the debacle of print media ; even many say this with a scholastic approach that penetration of electronic media casted the newspapers in the fire. But is it really so ? No, electronic media has a very big drawback vis-a-vis its counterpart. Common people cannot archieve the news items they seen and liked on television, but they could keep the newspaper cutting. And this is why they still buy and read newspapers even they that it’ll only give them the news older than 12 hours or more.
Sometimes this ‘breaking news’ era seemed counter-productive. As many of us gets irritated by the news like ‘cow gave birth to a calf with six legs’ or ‘that so called superstar is arrested for rash driving’ between some ‘really’ serious news. Even when many people like me run to their television sets for some real news, find to our surprise some ‘chamatkari baba’ (self-proclaimed godman), doing some miracles.

To our utter disgut, with the company of tv media,many hindi newspapers started printing such news on their front pages all in the name of news…..

Print Media vs. Social Media

Now the fight between the print and social media :- as being no competition to social media in terms of breaking news, even print media conglomerates started hosting their websites and e-papers which started webcasting breaking news like that on television. Even to my surprise one day I came across a ‘breaking news’ on a media website of eastern India saying, “Amitabh Bachchan dies in a car accident.” But I when I went in detail, it said somebody raised the hoax of Big B’s death. Even that media group posted it on their Facebook page, circulating it to their thousands of followers. Now this is what happens with print media giving the ‘breaking news’.
But this is generally not the case with the real print media.
I started reading newspaper since I was six/seven years and a newspaper named ‘Aaryavart’ circulated back then.
And all hindi newspapers, media of masses now made news a joke.
Even for the thing which many used to read newspaper, yes the editorial page not worth time spending daily with.

Electronic Media vs. Social Media

Now the story of electronic media and social media.
Social media now has certain advantages over the electronic media in this time of GPRS(Internet) enabled cellphones(mobile phones), it’s not the reality. As whenever a person uses a social media such as facebook or twitter to look up a news they are in a hurry and so they just look at news not they watch news.
So if somebody thinks that television news channel or their editors have a million follower on twitter or thousands like on facebook but they cannot replace the real news on television. Even in this digital age I use to watch the discussions aired on television on the primetime slot. The reason behind it is, no internet media can ever replace the serious discussion airing on an issue of concern on national television.

There were the times when I used to watch the discussion on Doordarshan when I was in std. VIII. And then I got cable connection and started watching the discussion on other good channels whether Hindi or English.

For me the news content always matter whehether in my mother tongue Hindi or the language I learned in school i.e. English.

So for people like me who always prefer serious dicussions over the chit-chat, cannot turn their back to the Electronic Media and will always keep the newspaper cuttings for future reference.

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