Sunday, August 5, 2012

And She told.....

She was the best daughter in the eyes of her parents ; they always praised for her and never ever said a single word to her. They provided all the things she wanted and bestowed all the blessings to her. Soon the time passed and she entered in her 21st year….. And then all the things started changing and all that praise and love started fading……..
“That boy does’t belong to our caste, so stop meeting him. Don’t you understand ????”- Her father ordered her throwing the coffee mug onto the floor.

She didn’t said a single world at that time, but she knew how to handle the situation. And so she did at dinner table. “Dad, you showered every blessing onto me since my childhood and I never let you down. But what happened now that you became so rude to me ?? Won’t you like to see me happy as you ever wanted or you just want me to do what you’re saying even if I’ll be blaming you for the whole of my life for my miserable situation ?”
And the last words hit her father….. He broke-out….. He started saying, “I am sorry my darling. I was just lost the track. Why would I ever want my only child to live a miserable life ? Please forgive me…..
And the next year she got married and now living a happy with her parents.

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