Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Didn't Get What We Ask For

Since the independence Indian girls didn't get what they wanted. Before independence, child marriage in India was a worse trend. Girls were married at as early age as 12 years. The worst states were Rajasthan and Bihar.

And then after few years, when Indians hardly fought Independence battle, and got freedom. The girls thought that their suffering is soon going to end, but it was totally overturned.

They thought, they will be treated equally and not have to face the pain of early marriage; but the reality was totally different.

After Independence, government revamped the child marriage act to tackle this menace. But the truth was not as expected. The child marriage act deterred many people to marry their daughters at early age, but the truth is it didn't even ended today. Child marriage is still witnessed in many parts of Rajasthan, Haryana and some parts in Bihar and neighboring states.

Maybe now child marriage is restricted to smaller areas, but it never ended. Even, some more ridiculous incidents were witnessed as local leaders are attending the mass child marriages.

In Bihar's Nawada district lies a temple at Shobh. It is notorious for mass child marriages. I was eight years old, when I witnessed children of 8-9 years getting married. Their parents and family members joyously join those celebrations and then enjoy the feast.

Even in most recent times many media reports alarmed about this trend especially in Haryana and Rajasthan.


And then came another shocker before girls - same gotra marriages. This trend was mostly seen in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, especially among jats (a caste in Haryana and neghboring areas of Uttar Pradesh). It is said and highlighted by them that same gotra marriage are morally wrong, because those who belong to the same gotra are brother and sister so they can't marry; as it is prohibited by the Hindu mythologies like Purans. But it's not actually so. Because the term gotra which was used in ancient religious literature means those people who studied at the same gurukul - ancient schools. OK let's consider it correct, unless it is not scientifically correct ; then how come those who born in same villages are said to be belonging to same gotra. So if someone then prohibit a boy and a girl to marry despite of being adults citing gotra issue, then it's both legally and mythologically/religiously wrong.


And after this problem reduced, surfaced the draconian dictats on not wearing jeans or not using cellphones. A khap panchayat in Rajasthan for the first time issued a dictat to girls to not to wear jeans citing that it the reason behind increased rate of harrassment and rapes of girls (sic) ?! And then many more khap panchayats of Haruana and Uttar Pradesh followed. It's ridiculous that they tried to dictate girls for what to wear, and the worse even political leaders stood in alignment of them. Instead of supporting girls community, they started telling us what is right and what is wrong. Even the people who said to be our supporters tend to deviate and landed on their sides. And it's not the end but a beginning. They later harrassed many girls for wearing those so called not Indian clothes. They beat girls and then publicly ashame us. Are they the moral guards ??? Or who the heck they think they are ?????


And now the recent incident which took place at Guwahati, Assam. That girl was beaten, molested and stripped by a group of men, because she was coming from a night club. Take it clearly, even if she was coming from a night club, then who the hell they are put their nose in that issue ?? Her parents could tell her thet whether she could go to a night-club or not, not some street moral police. They do not have any right to tell someone else, who is not their family, about what to do someone.


And it is not the end. Police and other responsible authorities are lame onlookers. They are not doing anything to counter these steps.... It's a shame for a country whose more about 49 million population is women.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey You Can't Wear That Clothes

It's not been a very long time since the Khap Panchayat at Rajasthan issued a dictat telling girls not to wear jeans. Now a self-proclaimed defenders of culture in Ranchi, Jharkhand ordered girl not to wear jeans or face Acid attack.

Then many so called savers of culture enter into personal attacks.Is it fair to dictate anyones' sense and taste of dressing.

And above all do all the censorship on dressing applies to only girls and not boys. After 65 years of Independnce do we got liberty to live as we want ?? The answer will be no !!!

Now the other aspect of this censorship is, its supporters say that it will protect them from the sexual harassment ; but the fact is different. They want to hide their weakness, actually they start drooling whenever they see some girl in fitting jeans or mini skirt.

And then they start blaming girls' clothes, for their assaults. A**holes. And the police and administration remain silent onlookers whenever a girl is attacked or assaulted. Whether it's in Guwahati, Mumbai or Delhi, girls are not safe.
                     But our police is just useless.....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goverment mocking poors by the step of providing them cellphones

Government of India proposed to give people living below poverty line mobile phones. This very idea is likely to come into effect on 15th August when Prime Minister will announce this from the Red Fort. This is a huge announcement is path-breaking in the eyes of ruling party.

But the opposition termed it as a joke with the poor. It is really wierd, in a country where people don't get 3 time nutritious food, what will be the benefit of giving them mobile phones with free talk value ?

And above all, how will they charge their phones battery without electricity. A cellphone needs atleast 4 hours of power supply to get the battery fully charged; then how these cellphones will be charged in meagre power supply ?

Actually the reason behind this much hyped idea is just to distract people from real issues of poverty, unemployment, corruption etc. to less important matters. Will those poors get their hunger satisfied by talking on their cellphones or will they get proper medical facility by their phones ?? No they won't. Then why the heck the government is doing so ????
The answer could be, they are eyeing the 2014 GENERAL ELECTIONS.

Yes, the present situation is suggesting and supporting this idea. The government is wanting to restore common man's faith in the party; so that they could get a fairly good chance in the upcoming general elections. But for now more important issues are onboard to be dealt with and not some weird offer.

Your Soulmate.....

So the concept of 'soulmate' is not the new thing, this concept was there before us for a long time. Since the oldest times people not only talked but also accepted its very idea. Many people who don't believe in this concept, also keep looking for someone who is the best for them.

In many old scriptures this concept was supported by authors. In ancient civilizations like Greek, people believe that every person is born for her/his perfect match. But we are so obsessed with the outside appearance, that we overlook that 'it' feeling. It naturally obvious that we are attracted to that 'soulmate' in not the sexualized but sensualized way. We don't feel good without them, but feel perfectly well when they are around us.

As in Paulo Coelho's book 'BRIDA' - Brida asks Magus,"How would I know who my soulmate is ?" To which Magus replies, "You will see special aura above his shoulder."

It is a fictional description of that 'soulmate' concept; but even in the real world we feel something, which is undescribable for many of us, about him/her. Our eyes lit up whenever we see or talk to them, or even think about them.


That feeling, despite of being undescribable, is very pleasant to us. A sudden mentioning of our soulmate afloat our joy. Even in the most painful times we forget our sufferings if we think about them. They are the ones, who really are made for us. But finding our soulmate is not an easy task. Sometime people spend their whole life to find them. So more romantic is the concept of soulmate, more painful it is to find them.
So if you found yours then you are lucky and if you don't then keep looking for those hidden signs....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"All the world's a stage and we are merely ACTORS."

These are are the famous lines by William Shakespeare. I read this line for the first time when I was in 6th standard. At that time I was unable to understand its meaning. But now I understood. Maybe it's true....but not completely. We are not acting on any written script, we are free in our acts. But we take the wrong road and become villains. We held our conscience captive and doing the things, our soul don't allow us to do. We hate others but expect love and respect. In the same manner, we tend to hurt other and swear when others hurt us. People excuse that we are merely puppets who are guided but God's strings. But, is it really so.... ? Why would God, who is omnipotent, want us to hurt his own creatures ?  It is actually the demon inside us, who can't see His people happy. Just think, if God wanted us to hurt others, then why would we have regrets ? We regret only when we do wrong, not when we do the right thing.

When He gave us this life and the heart filled with love, then why waste it by spreading hatred ? When we will see others as our family, then we never feel jealous on their success, peace and prosperity....

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Little Girl Round The Corner

I always passed by that girl who sells flower by the corner near my house. But she did not catch my attention as I was always in a hurry and she was busy selling garlands. I first talked to her when I went to buy some flowers there. And after then we used to share heartily smiles, whenever I walk by her store. She would be about 10 years and looks pretty despite of her feeble appearance and not so good clothes. She comes to that shop every morning and stay stay there by 10AM ; then she leaves for home. I got a good chance for a good conversation with her. So I did not know her name, but I heard her father calling one day, "Munni, bring that marigold garland here."
That day she got my serious attention as I was standing at some yards.

Her name was Manisha, and she was the only child of her father so she used to come there to help her father.
          On a fine Sunday, when she was sitting alone at her store, I went to her. "So do you study?" I initiated conversation.
"Hmm, I'm in class V." - She replied.
"And you help your father everyday here at store ?" I was surprised. "Yes, because I am the only child and had to help him because he can't handle the whole work by himself." She replied to me with her shining eyes.

"You know I'll take care of this store once I complete my studies and take it to a large level. Till then I help him daily." - She told.

After that warm soulful talks, we became friends regardless of our age difference. This friendship was unusual but heavenly.......

I still pass by her store sharing smiles and talk for hours on holidays.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Man For Whom Water Is Second Home

Finally Michael Phelps announced his retirement, after winning the final Gold Medal in Olympics. It's been a very long time since he held all the gold medals of every Swimming competition under his belt. Whether it's world swimming competition or Beijing Olympics. He always proved his worth to his team and nation. He is unmatched in water. It is so obvious for him that even media assumed that water is his second home. But after this Olympics we won't witness his miraculous performances.

Happy in Peanut like medals.....

Since a long time people are complaining about the shrinking distances between the news and entertainment. These issues arised due to confusion. News is not the synonym of politics. This is just some new information, we are eager to know which - truth is people are always eager to know about things which make them happy. This could be anything from fashion to fuction instead of political battles. But political stories always bridge this gap because they are entertaining by itself. You just only need to stop and think. Sometimes there is a thin line between the Breaking News and a Joke.
For example, in these days news like Congress is planning to bring their biggest critic, Jagan Mohan, YSR's son back with a promise for the CM post. Jagan just removed the base of Congress, but for now he is writing in jail. CBI tried to convict him in all types of Financial crimes. If this story ever proved to be true, then what will congress do. What will congress say to its voters ?? People, we sent this lad jail, because we know his father earned a fortune. How did we know this ? Because he earned it when he was with us, now Jagan came back to congress so we assure you all those allegations were baseless. And then what will congress say to that judge who denied bail to Jagan Reddy. Sorry hon'ble judge. All the raids at Jagan's offices were like puzzle. As it is required to use strictness to get the kids off a difficult situation. Likewise those lawyers'll say, "As hon'ble judge know when lawyers are provided with more than they need then what could they become? They made this issue big by taking short notices from us. Haha !!
Oh...! Joke. This isn't something that some politicians will pass it to journalists. Firstly, one thing is clear that this type of exchange is logical politically. Will the voter who heard hard talks from both sides, accept it? Jagan's mother saying in this matter is, after his father's demise he wanted to be the CM but his words were not heard.
They could have accepted his proposal, but they made an unknown novice the CM. But Congress high command ended its option by using strict measures to supress Jagan politically and personally. So for congress has past in Andhra Pradesh, but for Jagan is a bright future.
Irony is where Indian Politics is moving towards entertainment, Indian Sports are pressurized. No one is ashamed after winning a bronze or silver medal in olympics. Everyone knows sports poor situation in India. India's intellectual force pay attention to getting further by financial ways not by sports. Only sports cricket where we compete with unstable capabilities, will be burst as bubble if money is extracted from it. Like other Indians, I also crave for seeing Indian athletes winning more medals, but I don't get sad when we lose in badminton or archery. But we get happy when, by chance we get a peanut like medal. A Japanese gymnast was not happy after winning bronze medal, she was crying. But if we Indian win a bronze medal, corporation prints a front-page ad in the newspaper in honor of that player. No one thanks Indians, like Indians thank themselves. This is illness. Somebody sees olympics and I watch politics and then turns to olympics.

- Edited part of MJ Akbar's column from Prabhat Khabar.
Original at this link:-

Purani Jeans Aur Guitar........

On the day of this friendship day, I was missing my friends and those old days. The days when we were in college, and had ample time for each other. Those days of nostalgia, when we sipped tea with the 'biscoot' (biscuit/cookies) and talking mindless things so freely. Those days when we made excuses to our home and go to the movie theater with our friends.....
The days when we lay flat and just keep staring to the sun going down the horizon and the birds flying to their homes.

Those days were really special, because now even when we be together, we couldn't bring that very same moment back. Either we just lost the track or because we lost that joy of our teenage among our day-to-day problems.

I can just remember my friends and that song plays in the background somewhere in my mind - "Purani jeans aur guitar, mohalle ki woh chhat aur mere yaar.........."

Image courtesy - istockphotos

Leaders will always be LEADERS

That Soda ad which comes on television, in which the husband forgets his wedding anniversary and go to the jewellery shop to buy a diamond ring for her wife on the next day striked my mind. That man buys a 'five carat, princess cut' diamond ring to pacify his erring wife.
No matter how but reminded me our leaders. They don't show up in their respective constituencies thru out their long 5 year reign, but when they sniff the election dates they start the development work. But the fact is, even this development is not the lasting one..... Because just after the elections it becomes dust.

I don't know what happens to that man, but I know those leaders get re-elected. And the same show continues......

So in the same words of that ad :- Men will be men and leaders will be leaders.

Revolutionary Proposal Of Government

The central cabinet of India passed the resolution of using the word ‘sexual assault’ instead of ‘rape’ in the sexual crimes. This resolution maximizes the ambit of the law ; now it is possible for the male victims to report their cases. Besides this it also passes the resolution to amend Cr. PC 2012 which now includes strictier provision for chasing for the purpose of rape, acid-attacks or rape in police custody.

According to Indian Crime Records Bureau, 24,000 rape cases are registered in 2011; but only 20% of those convicted get punished.

This is WHAT Panchayats Do...

JAIPUR: A married woman and her paramour were tied to a tree, stripped half-naked and severely beaten up for nearly three hours before a crowd of 1,000 people under orders of a caste panchayat at Sarada area in Udaipur district on Sunday. The two were ‘punished’ for having illicit relations, said sources.

The woman’s husband himself stripped the woman and the youth. Later their hair was cut. When a police team tried to intervene, the villagers hurled stones at them, injuring two cops. Acting fearlessly, the panchayat continued to discuss other penalties on the couple till late evening. Later the police rescued them and took them to Sarada police station.

Sensing the seriousness of the matter, National Commission for Women chairperson Mamta Sharma said that she would send a team to the village on Monday to look into the incident.

According to the police, 27-year-old Prakash Meena had an illicit relationship with a 22-year-old woman living in the neighbourhood. “She is a distant relative of his. While Prakash works as a labourer in the village, the woman’s husband was staying in Ahmedabad for the past few years. The woman has a three-year old daughter,” said SP, Udaipur, Hari Prasad Sharma.

The officer said that Prakash and the woman had fled from the village a fortnight ago. “The villagers were looking for the couple and they found them near Keshiriyaji area in Udaipur on Saturday evening,” said the officer.

The villagers brought them back and kept them confined throughout the night. “A panchayat was called on Sunday morning in which the woman’s husband and her in-laws were present. They were demanding action against the couple,” said the officer.

The villagers and half-a-dozen panchayat leaders gathered around 9.30 am. Soon, Prakash and woman were tied to a tree.

Woman’s husband Hamji Meena stripped her and the youth in front of the crowd. They then cut off their hair. The police came to know about the incident about 11.30 am and a team was rushed there.

“When policemen reached there, the villagers surrounded them and started hurling stones. Some vehicles were damaged and at least two policemen sustained minor injuries,” said an officer.

Though the police managed to free the couple they could not take them out from the spot. Later the couple was taken to first a government school around 4 pm and then to the police station.

“We have registered two cases against the woman’s husband, about six members of the panchayat and hundreds of villagers for attacking police team and outraging the modesty of the woman,” said the officer.

When asked why the panchayat continued till late evening, SP Sharma said that they were trying to restore law and order. “We will soon arrest the accused villagers,” he said.

This is shameful that even after 65 years of indipendence our law and order as well is still caste driven. Faith of people will restore only after the culprits get punished.

And She told.....

She was the best daughter in the eyes of her parents ; they always praised for her and never ever said a single word to her. They provided all the things she wanted and bestowed all the blessings to her. Soon the time passed and she entered in her 21st year….. And then all the things started changing and all that praise and love started fading……..
“That boy does’t belong to our caste, so stop meeting him. Don’t you understand ????”- Her father ordered her throwing the coffee mug onto the floor.

She didn’t said a single world at that time, but she knew how to handle the situation. And so she did at dinner table. “Dad, you showered every blessing onto me since my childhood and I never let you down. But what happened now that you became so rude to me ?? Won’t you like to see me happy as you ever wanted or you just want me to do what you’re saying even if I’ll be blaming you for the whole of my life for my miserable situation ?”
And the last words hit her father….. He broke-out….. He started saying, “I am sorry my darling. I was just lost the track. Why would I ever want my only child to live a miserable life ? Please forgive me…..
And the next year she got married and now living a happy with her parents.

No more fuss

Indian girls are becoming more and more upfront with passing years. Their liberty cannot be held captive for long time, because now they started to speak-up against the evils forced onto them by the society. They shunned living the way others want and started creating their own life ethics. Long been the times when they do according to society without even thinking of their morale; but now they know what they want and how they want with no uncertain terms. They are taking their lives beyond the kitchen and the dressing mirrors. They are strongly denying the ill regulations for their dresses, life or work. They got the courage to say no to those crap societal norms. All the slut-walk or other resembling acts since the last 3-4 years portrayed this fact clearly. Now their dreams of life are not about some prince charming, but about a safe, secure and successful life. And this trend just started and it has a long way to go…..

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Khap Panchayats' decisions are PUBLIC DECISION ???!!!

There is a buzz all over to take strict measures to clip the wings of ‘Khap Panchayats’, which are trending these days.
And the momentum started to built to rein these caste panchayats. ‘Amicus jury’ proposed strict measures against them.

It is known that these khap panchayats are more popular in North India than in south.
Actually, these khap panchayats are traditional panchayats, but they are not official (yes, on papers otherwise the statement of leaders and policemen do not comprehend with it).
These are formed by one group or by all groups of the clan and may consist of 5 villages to 20-25 villages.
The ‘veto’ power in these khap panchayats remains in the hand of most influential caste group. Minority caste groups may participate in these meetings, but their words remain unheard.

All the villagers are invited to these meetings, whether they come or not. And the decisions taken after are classified as ‘public decision’ and implies to everybody.
The first caste panchayats were of ‘jats’ but later other castes formed their own.
One very interesting thing about these panchayats is that these are either led by elders (old aged men with old mentality) or by the members of the most influential caste.

Women do not participate in these meetings nor they have any representative to them. Those are male dominated and all the decisions are taken by them. Likewise, members of low castes are either not the part of it or they are not free to voice their issues.

And above all, youths do not have any right to speak here.
Now tell, do these khap panchyats’ decision really are public decision ???

[ Note :- These khap panchayats decision are outdated and forced, they are also insensitive and inhuman. Therefore, all these khap panchayats must be nullified and abolished as soon as possible.]

Take Care of Girl Child.

Take utmost care of your girl child.

Since the childhood, many families tend to overlook the need of their girl child, especially in the developing countries or underdeveloped countries. It’s a common thing in most rural and some civic areas to treat girl children as secondary citizen. I, by myself, witnessed it in my neighborhood. Some parents even don’t provide nutritional to them just because they are daughters; which resulting in malnutrition. It’s a serious problem which is still overlooked by the society.

UP Government Aimed To Alleviate Suffering of Rape Victims.

In a decision taken by the government of Uttar Pradesh the will be no ‘finger test’ performed on the rape victims. This decision came after the Supreme Courts order which says that ‘finger test is not only breach of privacy but also inhuman. In addition it leaves some loopholes because it doesn’t confirm rape.
This decision also comply with WHO norms which says at the time of victim’s medical test, their privacy must remain intact.

This decision came amid times when in India medical tests performed on Pinki Pramanik were done after allegedly tying her arm and legs and her test was filmed.

Women have sole responsibility in India

Here in India 21% of pregnancies are unplanned. And it is true that 72% of the women carry the responsibility of family planning on their shoulders. According to Population Fund, every fifth case of pregnancy is unplanned because the couple are not ready for it. Likewise, in 650,000 cases couple agrees for abortion. These stats are of those who accepts that they don’t want children; but in most of the cases couple accept the situation. These types of cases are unrecorded. Despite of the knowledge of population control measures, either hesitation or their unavailability causing this situation. One big hurdle is lack of good emergency contraceptive measures.
That is why tubectomy counts for 72% while vasectomy is only limited to 2%.

Girls Don't Wanna Be Worshipped but Equality

Our life is always trapped in duality. On one hand what we liked and wanted since a long time, we refuse to do on the other hand. Like in India people worship women as the goddess of power ‘Durga’ ; goddess of prosperity ‘Laxmi’ and as the goddess of knowledge ‘Saraswati’.

But on the other side many girls are killed by their parents or by grandparents. And in many cases some families killed their daughters long after they born. And if they didn’t do any of them they don’t provide them good food or education and treat them as secondary citizens. I personally witnessed this biased behavior in many families. For a simple a example, I came across a family where the parents send their son to a good CBSE school while to their daughters, they went to govt. school and has to study without proper books.

And this is not the end. Even they treated differently, when it comes to their food. As the sons get good food with milk and fruit but the girls don’t get that.

It’s just the example how things are going.

The Shimmering Darkness

The dark night was over when I opened my eyes, but it actually wasn’t. When I put my first feet outside my house, I found it’s not the world I was deaming of last night. My dream world was so serene and full of happiness but this world outside is ailing from all the biased. All the people are always show biased attitude and spread bias to others. They never want others to be happy so that they could taunt them, but when their plan don’t work they start perpretrating. They go the deepest to the depths of immorality, that don’t even forget the limits and trespass them.

It’s not the end, they even cease being happy in their big moment of happiness and start being happy in smallest sad moments of others.

As they get older and older, they become meaner and meaner. And it never stops. They go crazy to hurt others and sometimes hurt their own people. They shoot arrows to other but it rebound onto their loved ones.

Despite of this mean attitude, their are some people who chose the other path. They spread the love to end this hatred and never stop to do so.

This gives me the hope that the things will change one day….. As it is said you are the creator of your surroundings and so do I believe. Life was and is not as we expected but it would be like we wanted, if we could make it so. I’m not as optimistic as people in the past were nor as pessimistic as people at present are. I might not change everything accordingly, but I have the courage and guts to change whatever I could.

I don’t know when but my hopes are all alive. I can see that light down the dark road which is getting brighter and brighter.

There is a ‘shimmering line beyond this darkness’ which keeps me going…..

"Aisho Maa Aisho"

I still remember those days of Durga Puja, when we used to leave the house early at night, only to witness the joy and the spirit of people. But these are long gone and now the Durga Puja seems a different world. With the fear of terrorism and all, people losing that joyous courage which brings them to those over-crowded streets.

Their were the days when we planned in advance about what to do, where to go, who are coming along and many such small things. But now we are even short on that spirit of joy. I remember the time we used to go to that old Bengali temple, and enjoy the traditional Bengal style ‘Durgo Pujo’. But even that ‘Bengali Pujo’ is not so amazing. People now come and join the groups in the name of tradition but either they seem distracted or afraid of the terror threat. Long been the days when the roads were full of rush on those days till 2 PM at night. Now you will only witness scattered crowd till midnight.
I was not surprized, but a little turned off. My city being nearer to Bengal, still the Durga Puja was charmless. Even this modernization could be blamed for it, that people now see it as a waste of time.

“Aisho maa Aisho.” I remember the traditional chant coming to my ears.

Undesructible Spirit.

I don’t lose the track until I find my goal, whether it’s a big or a very small one.
The only thing matter to me is getting to the place I want to, for whatever it takes me to. I had overcome all my fears and now nothing can stop me from getting to it. No matter what comes in my way, I won’t shed a tear as I promised to myself.

I never lost the courage to rise back after every attack of time. I bend the norms which were hurdle important my pursuit and took my soul to that very path which was left/forgotten by others.
I had never ceased my will and courage to trace the glimpses of happiness. Nor do I left my soul in the dusty corners to get what I want. I was not the best nor do I was the one got the silver spoon, yet I worked to bring smile on the faces of people around me. Maybe I was left on the roads of pain, but I am making it my flower-bed. Everytime people trashed me I stood up and fought back with more courage and a more enlightened spirit.

I was thrashed by my life many times but I raised my spirit and stood up. I forgot the nights of tears and the days of cries and stopped looking to others for help.

(I still remember the days when my friends turned their backs to me or tried making fun of my cries.) But those days are long gone. I learned being happy in the shortest good moment.

I have no grief from my life whatsoever, nor do I blame anyone for this; what I only seeking is a little support from my surrounding.

My prayers went unheard, but I didn’t stopped praying because I thought one day will come when even God will have to answer me.

Edge of Electronic Media over Print and Social Media : Game Of Breaking News.

Electronic Media Vs. Print Media

Everybody is, these days, talking about the superiority of electronic media over print media. Many of the senior journalists use to blame electronic media for the debacle of print media ; even many say this with a scholastic approach that penetration of electronic media casted the newspapers in the fire. But is it really so ? No, electronic media has a very big drawback vis-a-vis its counterpart. Common people cannot archieve the news items they seen and liked on television, but they could keep the newspaper cutting. And this is why they still buy and read newspapers even they that it’ll only give them the news older than 12 hours or more.
Sometimes this ‘breaking news’ era seemed counter-productive. As many of us gets irritated by the news like ‘cow gave birth to a calf with six legs’ or ‘that so called superstar is arrested for rash driving’ between some ‘really’ serious news. Even when many people like me run to their television sets for some real news, find to our surprise some ‘chamatkari baba’ (self-proclaimed godman), doing some miracles.

To our utter disgut, with the company of tv media,many hindi newspapers started printing such news on their front pages all in the name of news…..

Print Media vs. Social Media

Now the fight between the print and social media :- as being no competition to social media in terms of breaking news, even print media conglomerates started hosting their websites and e-papers which started webcasting breaking news like that on television. Even to my surprise one day I came across a ‘breaking news’ on a media website of eastern India saying, “Amitabh Bachchan dies in a car accident.” But I when I went in detail, it said somebody raised the hoax of Big B’s death. Even that media group posted it on their Facebook page, circulating it to their thousands of followers. Now this is what happens with print media giving the ‘breaking news’.
But this is generally not the case with the real print media.
I started reading newspaper since I was six/seven years and a newspaper named ‘Aaryavart’ circulated back then.
And all hindi newspapers, media of masses now made news a joke.
Even for the thing which many used to read newspaper, yes the editorial page not worth time spending daily with.

Electronic Media vs. Social Media

Now the story of electronic media and social media.
Social media now has certain advantages over the electronic media in this time of GPRS(Internet) enabled cellphones(mobile phones), it’s not the reality. As whenever a person uses a social media such as facebook or twitter to look up a news they are in a hurry and so they just look at news not they watch news.
So if somebody thinks that television news channel or their editors have a million follower on twitter or thousands like on facebook but they cannot replace the real news on television. Even in this digital age I use to watch the discussions aired on television on the primetime slot. The reason behind it is, no internet media can ever replace the serious discussion airing on an issue of concern on national television.

There were the times when I used to watch the discussion on Doordarshan when I was in std. VIII. And then I got cable connection and started watching the discussion on other good channels whether Hindi or English.

For me the news content always matter whehether in my mother tongue Hindi or the language I learned in school i.e. English.

So for people like me who always prefer serious dicussions over the chit-chat, cannot turn their back to the Electronic Media and will always keep the newspaper cuttings for future reference.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Impact of Self Help Groups

When the self groups came into existence since 20 years, no one have ever thought that they will revolutionize the society. But now we know the truth is completely different. When the women self help groups came into existence in Gujarat, it started changing the life of the women and ended their dependence on the lenders for their little requirements to buy seed or fertilizers. This inspired the people of other villages to form such groups which in the meantime expanded beyond the boundaries of Gujarat to other states. It’s real impact was witnessed when this revolution reached the poor and naxal affected parts of Chhattisgarh which was a part of Madhya Pradesh back then. Chhattisgarh’s women did the thing which no one had ever expected ; they not only renovated the damaged schools but also constructed new school buildings by the investment of their self help groups. These groups deposited the money from its members and lend them as well as the outsiders at nominal interest rates. This encourages the outsiders to either join or promote it.

Then this revolution was passed to the tribal areas of Jharkhand. Mostly all the tribal areas here were naxal-affected, and so these are miles away from the minimum of progress. Even here the self-help groups were formed by the tribal women and the male counterparts later joined them after they witnessed the positive effect.

These self-help groups not only provide financial help to its members, but also provided them the vocational training so that they could earn more. Some big groups started depositing the collected money in banks which enabled them to borrow a larger sum and do a more large scale task. Some self help groups started cottage industries which are more organized, some of those women started sewing training schools and thus they not only earning their living but also pushing others to the very same path of success.

For statitistics :-
Jharkhand has 9310 self-help groups in its 11 districts; and 40 of them are active in Ranchi district.

These groups srart joining at block level and provide loans to its members. In addition to it many women starting their own work by investing their savings.

Dark Part Of Show Business

‘Heroine’ the dream project of Madhur Bhandarkar not yet released, but as far as the promos suggesting it will show you the dark aspect of Indian film industry as his previous movie Fashion did. May it even provide Kareena Kapoor the opportunity to discover her other aspect as in Chameli or Omkara. As the rumors were and will always be the movie industry which is glamorous from outside is dark from the within. But this dark side never headlined and thus never got the attention. Maybe this endeavor of his prove these wrong.

Right Boots Could Do it All

They say girls are not that tough, so they could not achieve that so called feat. But the truth is always different. Actually they are afraid that if they’ll give the girls ample opportunities the girl will out-perform them. Whether its academics or sports girls are matching shoulders with boys. They are not only reaching to their level but also doing better than them.

Like whether it’s the coldest places or the space or the highest point on the earth Mount Everest they reached everywhere and survived. Despite of handling and caring of their families they are doing it all; so if they don’t have to deal with these like men they would have toppled them everywhere.

Thats why I used to say this at many places that the girls are better performer than boys and in difficult situation they are best tough performers irrespective of work.

Lokpal lokpal where have you been ??

So finally it’s over. When Anna Hazare came forward to fight against corruption last year with a desire of a strong Lokpal, the nation followed him and strongly supported him. But that show didn’t completed. They called off their strike last year with Anna’s health concern. And then after a long dry run the Lokpal bill was passed by the lower house of the Parliament but the bill was given red signal in the upper house. And then the bill landed at the Parliament’s Standing Committee. And the show choked….

And finally after waiting for 1 year, Anna again went on the same spur when he started indefinite hunger strike. But the show suddenly stopped abruptly with both Anna Hazare and his team called off the strike after many renowned people like Gen. V K Singh urged them citing health concern with the hint of fighting the next General Elections. And now it’s confirmed that Anna Hazare and/or his team will form a political party. But the million dollar question is whether they will keep their collar clean or not ?
If they could achieve that impossible, they will surely to be a political option before the people of India. But if this doesn’t happen as the fear looms then what is the option ?? Only coming times will answer this question.

PS - Anna Hazare officially told that he will form a political party and promote his candidates all the way to 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

There Pain Is Our Gain

For us Indians simple things are not as simple as we think. We use to make the simple looking things so complecated that the complecacy of things looks simple. It is inherited in our genes to make not only our but others’ lifes so complicated that they spend their whole life sorting out the things.
But our real problem is the fact that we can’t see others happy. It’s a common problem with us that we love to see tears in others eyes. Like we forget our happiness and get frustrated when we notice smile on our neighbors’ face, but whenever they suffer we just get delighted. We always keep an eye and an ear on our neighbors just to find any spicy news ( problems of course ) and whenever we find it our heart just starts afloating.

Many times we hear somebody saying, “you know our neighbor Sharmas bought a new car, they must had a deal with satan for it.” or “Hey did you know those Vermas’ daughter eloped with some boy ?
“I was always knowing this, they just over liberated their daughter.” And then people go to their neighbors to consolidate( actually enjoy their suffering and get whole news just to spread them with added spices).
And then those Vermas and Sharmas keep looking for their moment and then they enjoy it.

And this game continues and the ball keep rolling….

Angels are not angels

Since my childhood I heard about the angels who used to come to us in the time of need. I always asked to my momma where those angels will change my life ?? And my momma used to assure yes my sweetheart.
But now I finally got the answer, those angels are already put in the confinement by the demons. These are not letting the angel to shower their blessing.....